New Era of Freedom and Responsibility

Hyung Jin Moon

Rev. Hyung Jin Moon

To: Members of Unification Church of America

From: Hyung Jin Moon, President of Unification Church, America

Date: October 12, 2012

Subject: Interim Election of District Directors

The Unification Church of America will now enter a new age where the representation of our members and Blessed Families will be chosen by our tithing members. This is based on a principled understanding of free will and personal responsibility which extends to our right to choose who
represents us. Our elected representatives will be in a complementary, object partner relationship with our national leadership couple in the subject position, representing the spiritual authority of our True Parents. In the case of our church in America, True Mother has decided that the vertical position is to be presently filled by my couple, Hyung Jin Moon and Yeon Ah Lee-Moon.

In keeping with this understanding, I made a commitment to establish an election-based system during the recently completed 12 city «Town Hall Tour». To make an initial and foundational commitment in this direction, we will first hold an election to create a District Council in each of our twelve Districts. Each District Council will then deliberate and select their choice to be District Pastor.

The District Council will also select a representative to a new National Council that will work with our couple to make a more efficient and responsive national office. Furthermore, the District Council, together with the District Pastor, will continue to function as the governing team for the
District. This approach to governance, featuring a local District Council, is based on the experience of the «WestRock» (Belvedere area, NY) Unification Community over the past seven years.

It is expected that the voting for the District Council members will be completed by Friday, October 19th. The subsequent appointment of the District Pastors by the District Councils will be completed by November 1st.

This District System will be put in place as an interim step, with the understanding that a more detailed and complete governance-structure plan will be developed over time by the National Council.

The electorate in this process will be members who invest in our community through the practice of regular tithing. The list of tithing members qualified to vote has been prepared at the district level, and gives equal consideration to contributions made to both church and Kodan. (When a Blessed Couple has been qualified to vote, both the husband and wife can submit votes.)

This is the procedure already used for similar elections in both Japan and Korea. We understand and anticipate that, as the first election of this kind, this voting procedure may seem foreign. Also, the administration of the election and the speed at which it is taking place may seem to be unfamiliar and different in relation to our traditional culture. However it is a normal Principled development for the expansion of Cheon Il Guk as the Kingdom of God on earth in which our True Parents stand forever as our King and Queen. This democratic process fosters human freedom and responsibility
where church 2 of 4 members take initiative through their local Council to build their local community. As a check and balance, District Council decisions are offered to a higher vertical authority for review and blessing.

The choice for District Pastor will be reviewed and confirmed directly by the National President and then anointed in a holy national inaugural ceremony. In this way, the District Pastor will receive God’s anointing for this important position. We are confident that our membership will appreciate that important principles are now being applied to our church polity for the first time on a national level, and that our understanding and effectiveness will improve over time. May God and True Parents bless this pioneering electoral process.

Process for Electing Interim District Council Members

1. A list of tithing members (based on the record of offerings given to church and Kodan) has been compiled by the office of the standing District Pastor within each of our twelve districts. That list has been submitted to National Headquarters.

2. The definition of a «tithing member» is being determined at the district level for this initial election. We recommend that for this initial election, a relatively generous and inclusive definition be used.

3. The District Pastor’s Office should now contact qualified voting members within their district to notify them that their vote for District Council members is requested. This notification process should be completed by Monday, October 15th.

4. Each voting member can vote for up to four (4) district members to join the District Council. It is permissible to vote for less than 4 a. It is recommended that voters select members who they feel will represent the entire district well and capably. Please consider capable and experienced second or third generation members as well. You may vote for yourself.

b. You may not vote for your current District Pastor.

c. Votes can be collected by email, fax or paper ballots. All votes should be collected by the District Office by Friday, October 19th.

5. In this initial election there will be no «campaigning» or solicitation of votes by prospective candidates. This may change in the future when the process is reviewed by the National Council.

6. The District Offices will tabulate the election results. a. In the order of those receiving the most votes, candidates will be contacted and asked if they are willing to serve on the District Council until eight (8) positions are filled.

b. In the event of a tie, the council member will be selected by lottery.

c. All council members must be willing to invest time and energy in the council and to attend monthly council meetings.

7. The first District Council meeting will be held on or before Thursday, November 1st. a. The Council will choose a chairperson and then select their choice of District Pastor. The District Pastor may be chosen at the first meeting or at a later meeting as long as the selection is made on or before
November 1st.

3 of 4

b. The District Council will have the option to retain the existing District Pastor or select a new one.

c. The Council may select any member of the community in good standing to serve as the District Pastor.

d. The Council may select one of its own members to serve as District Pastor. In this case, once accepted, the district member with the next most votes will be asked to join the Council as a replacement.

e. In either case the council will interview potential candidates and confirm that he or she is willing and able to serve as District Pastor.

f. The Council’s decisions will be made by a simple majority vote, but it should seek a consensus.

g. The Council’s choice for District Pastor will be presented to the National President of Unification Church, America for final approval and blessing.

8. The District Council will also choose one representative to serve on a newly created National Council. a. This person will be asked to invest time and effort in developing plans for our National Office, specifically representing the concerns of the District. Travel to meetings in New York will be required, as well as investment of time on various subcommittees.

b. The District Council can select one of its own members or someone else from the District. However, the District Pastor may not be selected for this position.

c. The National Council representative should be selected by Wednesday, November 21st.

9. As an ongoing responsibility, the District Council will approve the annual district budget and key personnel appointments in the district. The Council is responsible for establishing local churches, departments or local councils within the district. The District Council should work closely to
advise and support the District Pastor. Council responsibilities will further be detailed by the National Council in the near future.

Regarding Compensation

. Compensation for District Pastor in a given District will be paid from the same source and will be in the same amount as for the standing District Pastor of that District. This equivalence will also hold for benefits (health insurance).

. Standing District Pastors who are replaced by newly elected District Pastors will receive severance in accord with current Headquarters policy.

. District Council or National Council members serve as volunteers and receive no compensation other than for travel expenses and any other out-of-pocket expenses related to attending District Council or National Council meetings.

Other Considerations

Translation . A Japanese translation of this document will be prepared by National Headquarters and distributed through the District Pastor Offices as soon as possible. 4 of 4

Vote Facilitation. The District Pastor’s Offices are asked to make every possible effort to facilitate voting by members. This may include answering questions through personal conversations or district wide conference calls and assisting communications with voting members who do not use email. Every eligible voting member should be encouraged to vote.

Term in Office. The initial term of the District Pastor, District Council Members and National Council representatives will be one year. However, the entire process will be reviewed and may be amended by the newly elected National Council.

Any concerns, suggestions or comments on this voting procedure should be communicated to David Rendel at National Headquarters:

Let us pray and work together to insure success in this initial exercise of elected representation.

May God and True Parents bless you and your families.


Hyung Jin Moon


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